TheRamblingDad podcast is your ultimate destination for all things MMA, UFC post-fight and pre-fight breakdowns and predictions, and the latest in MMA news. But that's not all – host Jordain goes beyond the octagon, exploring the unique journey of fatherhood and everything that comes with it.


Expect a wide array of guests, from diverse backgrounds and experiences. So, grab your headphones and join me on this incredible journey of passion, family, and MMA as we ramble on about all things dad-related and beyond.

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I started the Rambling Dad for a bit of fun, I've always wanted to do a podcast and I've always been able to chat shit for days so I thought you know what, fuck it. I've not got a scooby doo what I'm doing, and I'm winging it just like I wing everything else in life. If this sounds like you, then grab your headphones, have a listen, and if you're picking up what I'm putting down, then join me on this journey as I ramble along!
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