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Once a thriving MMA podcast presented by the dynamic duo of Paul and Gus, The Bloody Good Show! was born out of their sheer passion for the sport. Week after week, they delved deep into the world of mixed martial arts, bringing insightful analysis, interviews with fighters, and lively discussions to the ears of dedicated MMA fans. However, as fate would have it, the global pandemic forced the podcast to come to an unexpected end. But that was not the end of the story.


In 2023, a turning point emerged when Paul, inspired by the perseverance of MMA fighters in the face of adversity, envisioned a new chapter for The Bloody Good Show. After meeting with several passionate podcasters and content creators, they saw an opportunity to transform the once podcast-centric website into something much grander – a hub for the entire MMA community.


With Leon Edwards ascending to the UFC Welterweight Championship, the passion for MMA soared to new heights. Paul knew it was the perfect moment to breathe life back into The Bloody Good Show! Armed with the motto, "For MMA fans, by MMA fans," the website took on a fresh identity as a collaborative platform for all MMA enthusiasts and content creators.


Our Vision:


At The Bloody Good Show, we are committed to building a thriving online space where the entire MMA community can unite. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster, a talented writer, a creative video maker, or simply someone with a deep love for the sport, this platform is for you. We believe that every fan has a unique perspective to offer, and we celebrate the diverse voices within the MMA community.

Our Commitment:


The Bloody Good Show is more than just a website; it's a community-driven initiative to celebrate the sport we all love. We remain steadfast in our commitment to showcasing high-quality content, staying true to our motto - "For MMA fans, by MMA fans." Our platform thrives on your passion, creativity, and dedication, and together, we will continue to fuel the fire of MMA fandom.


Join us at The Bloody Good Show and be part of a movement that elevates MMA content creation to new heights. Together, we'll forge an enduring legacy that resonates with fans for generations to come.

Step into the cage of creativity. Embrace the fight for originality. Welcome to The Bloody Good Show!


Paulie D
TBGS Creator
Paul's real love for MMA began when his cousin bought him a ticket to UFC London - Bisping vs Silva. Since then he has been to various different events/promotions, had his own MMA podcast and even had a charity MMA bout (EARLY STOPPAGE!!!)

I hope you enjoy the site, and hopefully you can find your favourite content here, as well as discover new channels you may not have seen before to feed this collective addiction of Mixed Martial Arts!

Much love,

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