Kyle Dimond's YouTube channel is a home for content that doesn't find a home in any of the other platforms that he contribute to. It mostly consists of ONE Championship content due to his work covering the promotion for Sportskeeda.


ONE can be an intimidating promotion to really get into, Kyle knows this because he has done it himself and he tries to give his audience the information they need to know before watching an event.


Alongside all that, Kyle simply does stuff that he wants to do because that's what his channel is for. A lot of the content Kyle used to put out on his own channel now goes up on Violent Money TV or The Scrap which allows his own channel to be a bit more focused on ONE content. 

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Kyle Dimond
MMA Journalist
Kyle is from Gloucester, England & has been covering combat sports since starting my University degree in 2017.

Currently splitting time between: Sportskeeda and MMANews for most of his writing, Co-Hosting Gladiator Diaries and contributes to Violent Money TV having been a part of the site since it's early days, previously as editor-in-chief.

Kyle's own YouTube channel mostly posts ONE Championship.
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