The Kings Court MMA is a media outlet, run by 3 friends, focussed on bringing the fans closer to MMA & MMA closer to the fans.
Started as a podcast, TKC now have developed into the media space covering live MMA events both nationally and internationally with a view on UK MMA.
They travel across the UK and Europe to create content for fighters, gyms and MMA promotions.
The Kings Court strive to enhance the reach notoriety of fighters and give them greater exposure in their hard pursuit of greatness.
If we can shine even a small light on a fighters journey and sacrifice so that viewers can see what goes on behind the spotlight then we are satisfied.
Always open to accepting guests on the pod "Court is in Session"

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TKC Founder
Mardi has been an avid follower of the sport since 2008 - what Mardi would call the start of the pinnacle of sport.

Being introduced into MMA by his elder brother & captivated by watching Dominick Cruz's footwork in a WEC fight, Mardi was hooked!

MMA Highlights: Watching Bisping's homecoming as Champion vs Dan Henderson at UFC 204.
Interviewing Randy Couture & Kenny Florian online for the Kings Court MMA
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