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Welcome to 'The Bloody Good Show,' the brainchild of Pinstripe Paul, an ardent UFC enthusiast. This website stands as a vibrant hub for fan & fighter content creators, offering a treasure trove of riveting fan-made MMA content. If you're seeking an immersive experience in the world of mixed martial arts, look no further. Explore our platform and dive into a realm of creativity, analysis, and passion, where enthusiasts converge to celebrate the raw intensity of UFC through their unique perspectives. Join us in celebrating the art of combat sports like never before – 'The Bloody Good Show' is your ultimate destination.


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Rising Irish star and champion of two MMA organisations with a literal cinematic story. Shem Rock spent 10 years on the run in Asia for a crime he didn't commit. During that time he took up MMA and became a champion.


A BJJ specialist, Shem Rock finishes most of his fights before the time limit. A huge fan favourite, Shem Rock now looks to take over in OKTAGON MMA and become the king of the promotion.


Shem's YouTube channel gives you exclusive behind-the-scenes access and an insight into the crazy life of this massive personality!   



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