An international team of friends with a common love for MMA!

A few years back following a stream on the channel 'The Kombat Show', created by Ola and CHIG, CHIG sadly passed away. Ola was the last person to stream with CHIG, who had gone to sleep after the stream and never woke up. Ola and CHIG were scheduled to stream football the following morning.

Ola wanted to carry on the torch and the work they had previously done, 
so he came up with a new channel... The FightWeek show, but the mission stayed the same.

Yan Yan & Leeroy came on board and The FightWeek Show took off on an incredible journey, although they are still new compared to most content creators in their space , they have come so far & achieved so much in a short amount of time working together as a team to create content consistently.

The FightWeek Show team have been embraced by the mma & football community often being able to tap in to that side of their fighter interviews.

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Creator and host of The FightWeek Show
Ola Akande, also known as Blakscoprion, hails from Nigeria, and now calls England home. He is the creator of The FightWeek Show. He is the lead host of multiple segments of the show. Ola is a passionate MMA fan, and is equally as fanatical about Arsenal FC.
Editor of The FightWeek Show
Leeroy, AKA Yoreel, is an Australian living abroad. He is the editor of The FightWeek Show. With occasional appearances as a co-host next to Ola Akande, Yoreel is often in the background cooking up something special.
Writer of The FightWeek Show
Yanny, or affectionately referred to as Yan Yan, is an American and avid MMA fan. Yanny never misses a card from the popular fight promotion, the UFC. Yan Yan is often found conducting deep dive research on prospect guests, and formulating the questions fans want to know.
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