Gladiator Diaries is a weekly podcast hosted by UFC light heavyweight Modestas Bukauskas and journalist Kyle Dimond. Featuring all the usual MMA podcast stuff: talking about fights, big stories in combat sports and getting some fun guests on. Most importantly, we try to give people some added insight into how a professional fighter thinks, diving into topics from a different perspective and talking about life in general. Above all else, we just try and keep it fun.


Putting our careers in combat sports aside, you should feel like you're listening in to a conversation between two mates chatting about fights... the only difference being that one of them does it for a living.

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Modestas Bukauskas
'The Baltic Gladiator'
Modestas Bukauskas is a Lithuanian and British mixed martial artist who competes in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is the former two-time Cage Warriors Light Heavyweight Champion.
Kyle Dimond
MMA Journalist
Kyle is from Gloucester, England & has been covering combat sports since starting my University degree in 2017.

Currently splitting time between: Sportskeeda and MMANews for most of his writing, Co-Hosting Gladiator Diaries and contributes to Violent Money TV having been a part of the site since it's early days, previously as editor-in-chief. Kyle's own YouTube channel mostly posts ONE Championship and can also be found here on The Bloody Good Show!

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